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Ask Dr. Harley – Brian Harley, MD, FRCSC has generously offered to contribute to LimbDifferences by answering the questions of members whose children have hand differences and may require surgery. Dr. Harley is uniquely qualified to address your concerns based on both his personal as well as his professional experiences. See Dr. Harley's Profile. 246 985
Dr. Wint: Finger, Hand and Wrist – Dr. Wint has worked now for nearly fourteen years in Springfield, Massachusetts in the field of Hand Surgery. He has been with the Hand Center of Western Massachusetts since 1992. He is Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and has a Certificate of Added Qualifications in Surgery of the Hand. 60 546
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Fibular Hemimelia – Fibular hemimelia is a condition that was initially described as being related to aplasia or hypoplasia of the fibula. Coventry and Johnson, and later by Achterman and Kalamchi, provided early classification systems. These are primarily defined by and concerned with treatment of the accompanying limb-length discrepancy. More
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