About Us

In 1981, Peggy and Peter McLoughlin launched Superkids , an organization that provided a free newsletter for families of children with limb differences, as well as a Directory of families and ultimately a website. After over 20 years of dedicated work, Peggy and Peter decided to cease publication of the newsletter and its website. After all, the inspiration behind their work on Superkids (son Luke McLoughlin) is now a high-achieving Super adult! We offer our sincerest gratitude to the McLoughlin family for helping us along our journey into the world of limb differences.

Through their small business, Claude and Cynthia Betancourt, were the force behind the technology of the super-kids website, and have decided to carry on the tradition of Superkids with this website. Those of us who began our journey prior to the advent of internet technology can truly appreciate the wonders of now having information available at the touch of a button. Back then, accessing information on limb differences required a much different approach (many phone calls, networking with doctors, etc.) and also required a bit of luck in terms of finding the resources to help make informed decisions regarding the treatment of our children.

As the parents of children with limb differences, we can say for sure that having the right information is critical in the determination of the best treatment options for your child. And equally important is having access to the emotional support to help you to cope with your feelings and fears. We know that reading the stories of other families faced with similar circumstances will provide inspiration and hope, and that establishing connections with those families will be immensely helpful to you. We offer this website as a doorway into the world of limb differences, and welcome your comments or suggestions.

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